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Tech ideas to make your home office awesome

Posted on June 1, 2020
Topics: Hardware

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With a high-speed internet connection, working from home is easier than ever. But how can you make your home office really special? Here are some tech ideas to make your home office pretty suite (see what we did there?).

  1. The ideal wireless keyboard. A wireless keyboard lets you get comfy while you’re typing and saves you from having to type directly on your laptop or tablet. Of all the brands out there, Logitech’s wireless keyboards are recognized as some of the best. Or, if you like ergonomic keyboards, Microsoft’s Sculpt is a fantastic option.
  2. The ultimate charger. Anker specializes in chargers that work well and look stylish. They also offer portable chargers and all the cables you need to keep your various devices powered up. Better yet, most of their products can be had under $20 through services like Amazon or other online retailers.
  3. The picture-perfect monitor. Why strain your eyes looking at a smaller laptop or desktop screen when, for less than $200, you can get a larger monitor with stunning resolution? HP and Dell both have fantastic options. Of course, you can spend as much as you want if you’re looking for 4K options and really big screens, which are perfect for video conferencing.
  4. The ear candy speakers. If you’ll be on conference calls, listening to music, or need sound for any other reason while you work, you want a good external speaker to produce better sound than your computer’s speakers can. Mackie’s CR series are a consistently strong option that can be had for under $100. If you’re an audiophile, Bose is another great option (and be prepared to spend a little more).
  5. The efficient all-in-one printer. Printer technology has come a long way, and these days you can get a combination printer/copier/fax machine that is an efficient use of your home office space. HP is the leader in this category, offering toner-based printers under $200 and laser printers under $1,000.

With fiber internet at your fingertips, home offices can be just as technologically advanced as office buildings are. Pick the right tech for your home office, and you’ll be a satisfied, well-equipped, and connected telecommuter.