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Ebook readers and what to look for

Posted on August 10, 2020

Most people are familiar with Amazon’s offering of the Kindle, which remains one of the first and most popular ebook readers among consumers, but did you know there are many other brands and models available to suit your personalized reading preferences?

What to consider when considering the purchase of your own ebook reader:

Screen size

One of the most obvious features to look at is the screen itself. It may seem trivial, but the screen size and type can make an immense difference in the experience you have enjoying your device, so it’s important to recognize your own tastes. If you prefer a traditional, ink-on-paper type of appearance that you would get from reading a paper book then E-ink is the way to go. These displays come standard for most ebook readers and have improved greatly as the technology around it has developed.

Perhaps the likeness of an ebook display to that of a paper book is less important to you than its versatility as a media platform.

Options for reading and streaming

Tablets like Amazon’s Kindle Fire are essentially hybrid ebook readers and tablets which contain full-color displays and access to apps such as Netflix, Chrome or Spotify. These of course come at a higher price-point and lack the glare-free and energy-efficient quality of more traditional ebook readers, but are capable of a greater variety of functions.

Please note that SCTC does not recommend a particular brand or model. It all comes down to finding the right device for creating the best reading experience for you.

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