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Tools for working from home successfully

Posted on August 10, 2020

Working from home isn’t always the blissful paradise it’s made out to be. Maintaining the same productivity that you would from physically being the workplace and facing with your associates directly can be extremely challenging and stressful. It’s easy to feel isolated in those moments, but the truth is that many of us face those exact same problems, which led to the creation of a lot of valuable tools to help. Zapier has taken a closer look at some of the tools we can use to stay connected and productive as you work from home.

Team chat apps are a must for any organization regardless of size, as they present an easy, consistent way for individuals to reach each other. There are many free messaging apps built solely for the purpose of making the simple yet crucial interactions you have with your team members throughout the day as easy and efficient as possible.

Video conferencing apps are another important tool for any business to use both internally and externally. Video conferencing technology has quickly developed to make video conferencing seamless and intuitive. Most of these apps include screen recording and screen sharing tools that can be extremely valuable when training and supporting other team mates as well.

To-do list, note taking and project management apps are crucial even in the physical workplace, but are practically essential to the success of managing your time successfully from home. If you and your coworkers are having trouble staying accountable and organized or just could use a bit more structure to internal processes, see what tools are available for helping you perform these essential tasks more effectively from home.

There are countless new tools being developed and updated daily to make our lives working from home a lot easier for us. We’ve just barely skimmed the surface of what’s available to you, but hopefully with a better idea of what tools available you can now proceed confidently when seeking out new apps and ways to streamline and simplify your working from home life.

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