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Hosted IP Voice

The phone system that fits your business

Your phone system helps keep your business running smoothly, which is why PTC offers Hosted Voice over IP (Hosted VoIP) that runs on our reliable, powerful fiber network. It’s packed with features that will enhance your day‐to‐day business activities and make your life easier. It’s not just a phone system – it’s a simple and smart communication service that keeps you connected whenever, wherever and however you want.

Benefits of Hosted VoIP

Cost savings.
After an initial investment in desk sets, there is a simple flat rate for phone lines and additional services. With unlimited long distance calling and extended features, we can help you save with your existing communication services.

Easy setup.
Installing a traditional phone system in an office requires scheduling an appointment with a service company technician to install the equipment and run the wiring specific for the phone system. By contrast, getting started with Hosted VoIP is easy. Desk sets share the same wiring as your internet connection, so getting connected to Hosted VoIP is simple. You’ll be part of the largest on-network phone number footprint in the US, with a 97% call completion rate!

The lines you need.
Your Hosted VoIP system can handle your contact center, no matter the size—from a few employees to hundreds of people working 24/7. Unified communications allows your employees to communicate with customers via phone, chat, email, and other channels. You also get the features you expect, like reporting and monitoring, interactive voice recognition (IVR), and smarter call routing.

Additional features.
Get all the bells and whistles: voicemail-to-email transcription, automated call distribution, remote, web-based management, chat, and teleconferencing.

Flexibility and scalability.
Add phone lines in minutes from your management portal—all you need is a desk set! This is perfect for businesses with regular fluctuations in staff.

Phone calls can ring simultaneously to desk and mobile phones, or transfer between the two. This helps eliminate lost or missed voicemails for employees who have both a desk and a mobile number.

Customer service.
Your customers will like Hosted VoIP, because it reduces their feeling of being bounced from person to person, and lets them talk with the right person immediately. There are fewer busy signals and higher call quality.


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