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Internet Speed Comparison

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PTC’s high speed internet allows you to connect several devices to the internet at the same time. Your online experience will be directly related to the number of devices being used—plus the type of online activity each device is being used for.

What type of internet-connected devices do you have? Examples are:

How do you use your internet?

Below is a list of common online activities. The speed indicated with each activity represents how much you will need per device if they are being used at the same time. It is important to note that the performance of your internet can also be affected by your Wi-Fi. Speeds and activities below are based on PTC’s recommendations for highest quality of service.

Internet activity Minimum speed per device*
Email 10 Mbps
Web surfing 10 Mbps
Social media 10 Mbps
Cloud Storage—uploads, photos, videos, backups 10 Mbps
Online education video streaming 15 Mbps
Netflix/Hulu/Amazon video streaming 25 Mbps
Home security—video camera 25 Mbps
Ultra high def video/4K** 50 Mbps

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*Speeds may vary by type of device and number of concurrent internet users.
**Recommended per streaming device.