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Internet Only

Unlimited Internet Your Way

No phone line, no caps on usage.

Get the fastest internet connection you need*—without paying for a landline. At PTC, we realize many people no longer have a need for a landline phone. With our fiber network, you can get high speed internet without bundling with our voice service. Enjoy a fast and reliable connection without caps on usage or charges for overages.


Effective 8/1/2019

Synchronous Service

Speeds (up to) Internet Only
50Mbps/50Mbps $74.95
100Mbps/100Mbps $84.95
200Mbps/200Mbps $94.95
500Mbps/500Mbps $104.95
1,000Mbps/1,000Mbps (1 Gigabit) $120.95

Nonsynchronous Service

Speeds (up to) Internet Only
1Mbps/10Mbps $59.95
3Mbps/15Mbps $64.95
3Mbps/25Mbps $67.95
5Mbps/50Mbps $69.95
50Mbps/100Mbps $79.95

*Availability of internet speed is based on your location. Not all speeds are available in all areas. Higher speeds are only available on our extensive fiber network. Site survey is required for all new customers and upgrades to determine maximum upload and download capabilities.

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