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Smart Home & Security

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Smart Home and Security Systems from PTC

Your home is the most important place in your life. It’s where our family meals happen, where gatherings with our friends take place, and where the most important people in our lives sleep and live. Stay secure and connected with Smart Home and Security Systems from PTC. Our cloud-based, redundant systems keep you and your family protected, make your home more efficient and secure, and satisfy your inner geek in the process. Here are the many benefits you’ll enjoy from PTC’s Smart Home and Security Systems:

Interactive Security

  • Dedicated connection: stay connected even if your phone line is cut, the internet is disconnected, or the power goes out.
  • Crash and smash protection: you’re protected even if an intruder destroys your security panel.
  • 2-way emergency voice: communicate with first responders through your security panel.
  • Instant awareness: get alerts when alarms are triggered, doors open, or the power goes out.
  • Remote control: arm or disarm your system, control your lights and thermostats, no matter where you are.
  • Live streaming: see what’s happening when a door opens or when a motion sensor is triggered.

Energy Management

  • Smart Schedules™: energy-saving schedules based on activity patterns each day of the week.
  • Lights and thermostat: remotely turn lights on and off and adjust your thermostat. Schedule them to activate automatically.
  • Extreme temps: automatically adjust the temperature in your home when extremes in temperatures arise.

Home Automation

  • Keyless entry: lock and unlock doors automatically.
  • Custom user access: assign codes to give access to specific doors or locks in your home.
  • Intelligent automation: let your home provide lighting schedules that adjust automatically with season and time changes.

Video Monitoring

  • Recorded video: capture motion- or event-triggered video clips.
  • Video Alerts: create rules to receive clips of activity.
  • Image sensor: get a sneak peek into activity with captured images.

If this sounds futuristic, you’re right! The future of home safety and automation is here today. It’s your home, and you deserve peace of mind about it.

Get started now. Choose one of our smart home packages below. Not sure which package is best for you? We can help – call us at 503 859-2136 or send us a note:

Smart home assistance

Essential Systems

  • Remotely arm and disarm
  • Receive email and text notifications

Connected Package

  • All the features of the Essential System, Plus:
  • Alert notifications
  • Interactive security
  • Crash and Smash protection
  • Severe weather alerts
  • Voice notification

Energy Package

  • All the features of the Connected Home package, Plus:
  • Energy management
  • Remote control
  • Automation and intelligent optimization of lights and thermostats.

Automated Package

  • All the features of the Energy Home package, Plus:
  • Automatically adjust your lights and thermostats
  • Set schedules to regulate lights, locks and thermostats based on alarm, arming, geo-location, season, time, or sensor activity triggers.
  • Access to video streams
  • Store video clips

Pro Video

  • Add our video monitoring solutions to your package to see what’s going on at your property, anytime day or night.
  • Can be added to any Package with the purchase of any Camera
  • 50 MB of “Cloud” Storage
  • Supports up to 4 camera
  • Cameras purchased separately

Visibility Package

  • Video monitoring.
  • This package is offered as a stand-alone level of service.

Pro Video Plus

  • Can be added to any Package with the purchase of any Camera
  • 250 MB of “Cloud” Storage
  • Supports up to 8 Cameras
  • Cameras sold separately

Can’t decide which package is best for you? Call us at 503 859-2136 or send us a note:

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