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High Speed Internet

True Unlimited Internet

No caps on usage. No charge for overages.

Unlike other internet providers, SCS does not charge extra for Unlimited Internet. Use all you want, whenever you want and you pay the same. Our Unlimited Internet Service combines the power and utility of lightning-fast internet with no data cap and the peace of mind and reliability of SCS voice service.

Prices effective 8/1/2019.

6 Megabit

  • 6.0 Mbps Download
  • No data cap


  • 10.0 Mbps Download
  • No data cap

All Broadband service requires basic voice service. For additional options, please contact an SCS Customer Service Representative for voice options and pricing. Site survey is required for all new customers and upgrades to determine maximum upload and download capabilities. Service not available in all areas. Some restrictions apply.

SCS MANAGED WI-FI – Enhance and Protect Your Service Experience SCS will provide a high-end Gateway router with new Broadband service for a monthly cost of $8.95 with a one-time installation cost of $49.95. This price includes:

  • Free replacement of the Gateway as long as the program is in force, assuming normal wear and tear.
  • On-site connection of up to five, simple devices (additional simple devices are $15.00/complex connections will be billed on a Time and Materials basis)
  • 24/7 Tech Support

A gateway routes data from place to place, just like a router, but in a more efficient and specific manner depending on the type of data being routed. Gateways also generally allow for other media connection types (like USB & VOIP Ports) and act as the “central” component in an integrated voice, video, and data network. A gateway puts more intelligence and control into the consumer’s home.

UPGRADE TO SCS MANAGED WI-FI PLUS For only $13.95/month plus a one time installation cost of $49.95, you get:

  • All items in the SCS Managed WiFi package PLUS
  • Inside wiring protection
  • Networking setup for all existing voice and data connections. Time & Materials will be charged for new wiring.
  • Sync up to ten, simple devices at the time of installation – $15.00/additional device
  • WiFi Mapping – This service is normally $29.95 and uses advanced technology to assess the optimal location of the gateway in order to give you the very best WiFi coverage possible.

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