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Stayton Builders Mart

Together, building a vibrant community

Chris Roberts, General Manager of Stayton Builders Mart, Stayton, OR

Chris Roberts grew up in the Stayton area. He likes the way Stayton has kept its small town vibe in the midst of growth.

“Even though it’s a close-knit community, it’s easy to connect with people. Stayton is a business-friendly town and over the years many customers become friends,” says Chris.

Stayton Builders Mart (SBM) has been in the business of supporting the area’s builders for more than 40 years. Whether framing a portion of a house or doing a complete remodel, SBM develops materials lists from customer blueprints, provides estimates and can deliver materials to job sites. Chris and his team work with builders on homes as well as multi-family dwellings such as apartments and duplexes. For the non-builder customers, SBM provides products for DIY and home remodel and repair projects as well as pellets stove, paint products and more.

Stayton Builders Mart is also involved in the improvement of Stayton through the “Revitalize Downtown Stayton” project. Support includes the donation of products and materials for programs like the Teen Center in Stayton, and the local park’s baseball and soccer walking trails and picnic area. In addition, the company donates materials to local organizations in need such as school auctions.

Chris and others at SBM take a lot of pride in knowing they are part of the growth of the town and surrounding areas through construction and remodeling of structures. It’s gratifying to see projects come to completion and families finally able to move in. It can start with making people happy with their new home and can eventually blossom into the creation of a structure in town that will last for generations. Chris enjoys driving around Stayton and seeing all the homes that the Stayton Builders Mart Team helped supply materials for.

Chris’ day-to-day job includes helping customers and contractors with projects as well as running the business side of things. He relies on SCTC’s fast and reliable internet to share real-time information, documents, estimates, electronic signatures and more.

Chris notes: “We implemented a new platform that allows us to process and email larger files of plans, blueprints, and invoices. We are now much more efficient which saves time and money. In fact, we are on track to becoming completely paperless. The cost savings for Stayton Builders Mart is passed along to our customers.”

SCTC’s MyItPro helped Stayton Builders Mart implement the new cost-saving system and IT structure.
“They were always quick to respond and there when we needed them,” says Chris.

At SCTC, we’re proud to be part of a community that works together. How will you use our services to make something great, like Chris Roberts at Stayton Builders Mart? Let’s start that story today.

Community – it’s what we do.