Focus Heating & Cooling

“We believe in the value of this special community.”

Focus Heating & Cooling

Jason and Janci Burns chose to build their company, Focus Heating & Cooling, in Stayton, OR because of the community. Where people know and support each other, it’s also a place where businesses are a part of the community’s success.

Janci grew up in Stayton and wouldn’t want to live anywhere else. When Jason met Janci, he knew that eventually Stayton would become their forever home.

“The area is so beautiful. We’re on the west side of the mountains – very close to recreation and outdoor activities,” Jason says. “Stayton has a wonderful small-town feel, plus we’re close to larger cities if we need additional services. I came from Portland, but this is my true home.”

Jason and Janci started Focus Heating in 2005 in their garage. Since then the company has grown to 17 employees and a 5,000 sq ft facility. They provide heating and cooling service, repair and installation of equipment.

“We give our customers the information they need to make HVAC decisions they can live with. There’s more to consider than just what equipment you might need,” explains Jason. “There are opportunities to get Energy Trust rebates and other possible rebates through utility companies – we help customers understand what their options are, and we work with them to ensure they get incentives.”

Jason manages the business and oversees customer service and sales. Janci focuses on marketing and HR. “My job is to make sure our employees and customers are well cared for and feel appreciated. I also spend time letting folks know about Focus Heating and how we can help with their heating and cooling needs,” Janci says.

A company that donates to local nonprofits, participates in local improvements programs and supports the business community, Focus Heating & Cooling also works with local students on projects and looks forward to being able to bring on students in apprenticeship programs. “We believe in the value of this special community. We’re here for each other, and we’re so very proud to be part of it.”

Focus Heating & Cooling use SCTC fiber internet, phone and IT support to keep the business running smoothly. Fast internet and a managed network help optimize communications with customers and increases response time. Technicians are able to email estimates and invoices before leaving job sites so customers don’t have to wait.

“Ordering parts and tracking shipments. Cloud-based imagery…we rely on reliable internet every day. SCTC’s IT team is quick to respond if we have issues with our network. Their willingness and ability to help when needed is always greatly appreciated and we consider them an extension of the Focus team.”

How will you use our services to make something great, like Jason and Janci of Focus Heating & Cooling? Let’s start that story today.