Better streaming,
learning, and
working from home

SCTC Managed Wi-Fi is just $10/mo.*

Tailor your online experience with a Wi-Fi 6 Router, the latest security features, parental controls, full command of how you use your internet, and more!

*Must have SCTC Internet to get SCTC Managed Wi-Fi

Gigaspire router

It’s time to get the most out of your home Wi-Fi.

Upgrade to the GigaSpire U6

The new GigaSpire U6 router offers enhanced security, better connectivity, and all of the features included in SCTC’s Managed Wi-Fi service.

Easy Management of Your Wi-Fi with our App!

  • Control of your people, places, and devices with your phone
  • Set up network/user passwords
  • Add or remove devices
  • Prioritize internet traffic
  • Perform bandwidth tests and view bandwidth use by user/device

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SCTC App home screen
SCTC app Add Network
SCTC app Add Person
SCTC app bandwidth test

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