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About Us

People’s Telephone Co. (PTC) is located in the beautiful Santiam Valley community of Lyons, Oregon. The Cascade Mountains to the east and the graceful Santiam River flowing through town make Lyons one of the prime undiscovered gems in Oregon. Originally formed as a “farmer system” by five families in 1906, PTC has gone through many changes over the years, most recently being purchased by Stayton Cooperative Telephone Company (SCTC) on May 15, 1997.

Just because Lyons isn’t a hectic, bustling metropolitan area doesn’t mean that the people who live here can’t take advantage of the benefits of state-of-the-art technology. As of January 2017, PTC provided nearly 900 residential access lines and over 160 business access lines. Over 75% of our customers have subscribed to High Speed Broadband Internet service provided by PTC. The local residents have embraced the new technologies and more than 70% of the existing customers enjoy the benefits of advanced services such as Custom Calling Features, Caller ID and Voice Mail.

The most important thing to know about PTC? We’re not some big corporation in another state. We are your hometown connection. We are the people you can trust for all your communication needs…we’re your friends and neighbors.

Our Vision is to improve the quality of life and prosperity of our members and customers by providing communication services that are reliable, reasonably priced and tailored to meeting their needs.

In conducting our business, we pledge to communicate honestly and conduct our business with the highest standards of ethics, trust and integrity.