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SCTC brings you the fastest, most reliable internet in the area.

Whether you’re a business seeking enhanced productivity, a gamer craving low latency, or a household with multiple devices, fiber internet remains the ultimate choice for powering your digital world.

Broadband Facts


Does It All

Fixed Broadband Consumer Disclosure

Monthly Price $99.99

This Monthly Price is an introductory rate.

This rate expires after 12month(s) and will revert to $99.99 per month.

This Monthly Price requires a 24month(s) contract. Click Here for contract terms.

Additional Charges & Terms

Provider Monthly Fees
    • Equipment Rental$7.99
    • Insurance$2.99
    • Managed WiFi$3.99
One-time Fees at the Time of Purchase
    • Install Fee$199.99
    • Router Setup Fee$49.99
Early Termination Fee $250
Government Taxes Varies by Location

Discounts & Bundles

Click Here for available billing discounts and pricing options for broadband service bundled with other services like video, phone, and wireless service, and use your own equipment like modems and routers.

Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

The ACP is a government program to help lower the monthly cost of internet service. To learn more about the ACP, including to find out whether you qualify, visit Participates in the ACP No

Speeds Provided with Plan

Typical Download Speed 75 Mbps Typical Upload Speed 20 Mbps Typical Latency 20 ms

Data Included with Monthly Price 1000 GB

Charges for Additional Data Usage $5 / 100 GB

Network Management Read our Policy

Privacy Read our Policy

Customer Support

Contact Us: (555) 555-5555

Higher speeds are only available on our extensive fiber network. Site survey is required for all new customers and upgrades to determine maximum capabilities. Speeds are “up to” and may vary based on customer location, available facilities, and customer devices.

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