Stayton Tire & Automotive, in Stayton, Oregon

“We have big-city technology—but maintain small-town personal connections”

Stayton Tire & Automotive, in Stayton, Oregon

Stayton Tire & Automotive is passionate about providing customers with the very best tire buying and auto repair experience. This passion is evident in everything they do—from their honest quotes to their timely repairs and quality products. This local team worked their way from the ground up, and successfully turned their hard work into a booming tire and auto repair service. Today, Stayton Tire & Automotive plays a key role in keeping Stayton area residents safe on the road.

Cory Dent, Administrative Operations at Stayton Tire & Automotive, has been a dedicated member of the team for 22 years. He started his career at a large dealership, then joined Stayton Tire & Automotive after he and his wife settled in Stayton. The true feeling of community in Stayton made it an easy choice for raising their family. In his time, Cory has supported Stayton Tire & Automotive’s growth and innovation.

“We have big-city technology—but maintain small-town personal connections,” he says. It’s this pioneering spirit and commitment to top-notch service that makes Stayton Tire & Automotive a go-to for Stayton locals. “There’s nothing better than when everything runs smoothly, and we can get customers back on the road in a timely manner,” Cory shares.

According to Cory, the technology Stayton Tire & Automotive uses to maintain their outstanding service depends on a fast, reliable internet connection from SCTC. Having a high-speed internet connection is critical for the shop’s day-to-day operations. And Stayton Tire & Automotive wouldn’t trust anyone but SCTC to provide this essential connection. “As a business, we have found the support and service provided by SCTC is unmatched,” Cory says.

SCTC is thankful to partner with Stayton Tire & Automotive. We look forward to supporting their incredible work in our community as they continue to grow.

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