Stayton Animal Supply

“We’re here to nourish and enrich lives. It’s everything to us”

Stayton Animal Supply, in Stayton Oregon

Stayton Animal Supply is so much more than a place to turn to for your pet’s needs, it’s a family-owned business dedicated to enriching the lives of Stayton’s non-human residents. For nearly three decades the Koellmann family has worked with pet owners to create a local resource to keep their loved ones healthy and happy.

Originally started as a feed store, the business has grown to accommodate the demands of a changing pet industry. In 2000, the family acquired the building next door and shifted from just feed toward diverse product lines that improve animal health. Keenan Koellmann joined the team in 2011 and Ariana in 2018. Today the dynamic duo run a thriving business that occupies twice as much space as it did originally and continues to grow to meet the evolving needs of local pet owners.

“Our customers have helped us a great deal” shares Arianna. “Over the years they brought us lists of products they would like us to carry. It’s the most satisfying part of our job to see a pet’s health improve after trying something new that we were able to procure.”

Developing trust with their customers is everything to Arianna and Keenan. They work hard to embrace the Stayton community values, which include cultivating relationships and embracing the small-town vibe.

Keenan and Arianna understand how to nurture connections, which is why Stayton Animal Supply counts on SCTC to provide the fastest, most reliable internet available. Being able to do research online and process orders is essential to the success of their business. We are proud to be able to partner with the Koellmanns and look forward to keeping them connected for years to come.

Building the bond of trust.

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